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FAQS Taj’s Sabbatical

What is "Taj's Sabbatical" about?

“Taj’s Sabbatical” is an exciting sci-fi adventure that takes you on a journey into unexplored worlds. The story revolves around Taj and unfolds with heartwarming courage and daring twists. Without giving away too much, it’s a tale that masterfully builds suspense, keeping you eagerly turning the pages to discover what happens next.

Does "Taj's Sabbatical" explore emotions, action, and suspense in a unique way?

Taj’s Sabbatical” is a blend of emotions, actions, and moments where you’re on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. It’s more like a thrilling ride where everything—how you feel, what’s happening, and the surprises—fits together perfectly.

Is "Taj's Sabbatical" suitable for fans of other sci-fi franchises like Star Wars?

Taj’s Sabbatical” is a bit like Star Wars—it takes you to new and exciting places filled with imagination, mystery, and big adventures. The author, Paul Artell, tells the story in a way that respects the cool things we love about classic sci-fi but also adds new and exciting ideas. It’s like a mix of something familiar and something totally new, making it a fun and unique reading experience. So, if you enjoy Star Wars, you might find “Taj’s Sabbatical” to be a cool adventure.

How does Paul Artell develop characters in "Taj's Sabbatical"?

Paul Artell demonstrates a remarkable skill in character development, crafting characters with depth and complexity that connect with readers. The characters in the narrative are not merely conduits for the plot but become dynamic entities that breathe life into the story.

How has Paul Artell's background influenced his interest in science fiction and fantasy?

Paul Artell and his son Troy share a deep passion for science fiction & fantasy. Growing up, Artell ensured Troy was exposed to a diverse range of stories, from Middle Earth to the Forgotten Realms, and even researching into the Myths of the Freeman. This upbringing has significantly shaped Artell’s perspective and storytelling.

How has Paul Artell's professional career influenced his approach to speculative fiction?

Paul Artell’s 40-year professional career in Human Resources has contributed to a distinctive perspective in his speculative fiction endeavors. The intersection of his professional expertise and his passion for science fiction and fantasy is evident in the way he explores possibilities and probabilities for the advancement of technology and the evolution of artificial intelligence in his stories.

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